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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 13

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S4 E13

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 13

Deal or No Deal

Self makes Stanton believe that the team has killed him and seized Scylla. The team deduces Self's plan, to sell Scylla and disappear. They unite with Gretchen to find Self, who unites with Bagwell and they take Rita and Emily hostage, forcing Gretchen to give the team away to DHS and find a new buyer. The team is attacked by DHS agents and Burrows is captured. Burrows manages to convince Stanton and Dallow of the truth. They offer a new deal for the team to testify against Self. Scofield instructs Mahone to get Tancredi and Sucre outside the city and proceeds to the warehouse to testify with Burrows. Stanton and Dallow decide to kill the brothers to prevent the scandal. The Company mole kills Stanton and other agents before Sucre arrives and saves them, with the mole being killed. They let Dallow leave. Meanwhile, Krantz kills Scuderi for humiliating him. Bagwell stays at Rita's while Gretchen and Self meet a conduit, who reveals that a piece of Scylla is missing. Self calls Scofield and demands it, who defies him to come and get it.

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