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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 18

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S4 E18

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 18


The team saves Burrows and kills the sniper. Michael and Tancredi arrives in Miami, where they meet Mahone and tell him that they will destroy the Company no matter the cost, making the two teams potential enemies. Burrows' team tracks Christina to the Indian embassy and enter it at the cost of Bagwell being beaten. Christina convinces Naveen Banarjee, a politician, to talk about Scylla in the upcoming energy conference, promising him to take care of a scientist named Sandinsky from causing trouble. Burrows' team recovers a note from the embassy. Michael and Tancredi decrypt their note and arrive at the airport Sandinsky's plane is landing. Burrows' team arrives too and abduct Sandinsky while the duo take his cell phone, realizing that he has been in contact with Christina, a claim he denies when asked by Burrows' team. Bagwell secretly informs Krantz that Christina has Scylla; and he decides to go to Miami personally. Michael calls Christina, who tries to reason with him; but he hangs up. Tancredi finds out that she is pregnant.

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