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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 20

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S4 E20

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 20

Cowboys & Indians

Michael and Burrows escape to one of the floors. Christina makes a deal with the Indian Prime Minister, who was also Banarjee's father, to sell him Scylla. Self tells Michael and Burrows how the police is going to capture them and kills a DHS agent who spots him. Michael finds a countermeasure and they escape the attacking unit, but are spotted by the captain, who is killed by Krantz' operative, who captures the duo. Mahone frees Tancredi and informs Michael, who is brought to Krantz with the others. Krantz punishes them by performing a lottery. Self is picked and Krantz has Self's wife killed and Self escapes, but is critically shot. Michael, Burrows and Mahone find Christina and take Scylla; but Burrows is captured. Bagwell, who overheard Michael and Mahone's conversation, captures Tancredi and brings her to Krantz, who calls Michael and demands Scylla in exchange for her. Christina calls Michael and makes the same demand in exchange for Burrows, critically shooting him to force Michael to hurry.

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