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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 21

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S4 E21

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 21

Rate of Exchange

While walking in the streets of Chicago, Sucre meets Benjamin Franklin, who reveals that there is a man, called Paul, who has great power and is ready to grant Michael and the others immunity in exchange for Scylla. Michael arranges a location with Christina and tries to kill her there; but the police arrive and both parties escape. Burrows tells Michael about the baby and asks him to let him die. Christina loses the deal with Banarjee because of failure to deliver Scylla. Mahone apparently betrays Michael and calls Christina, making a deal to bring Scylla in exchange for his wife, Pam, being saved from the Company. Michael arranges a transaction with Krantz, who leaves without Tancredi, intending to kill Michael after taking Scylla. Bagwell tries to rape her; but Michael arrives and rescues her. Meanwhile, the FBI interrogates Self in the hospital until Christina's assistant, posed as a doctor, arrives and injects him with toxic substance. Mahone gives a device to Christina for testing and enters the room Burrows is held. The device is revealed to be a bomb instead of Scylla; and this is all revealed to be Michael's plan to save everyone.

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