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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 22

Runtime: 52 mins

Prison Break S4 E22

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 22

Killing Your Number

The bomb detonates and Mahone and Burrows escape; but Christina survives. Michael, Burrows, Mahone and Tancredi reunite and decide to destroy Scylla before Paul Kellerman, revealed to have been saved by Aldo's men during his transfer, calls and offers them freedom in exchange for Scylla. Self gets paralyzed as a result of the injection. Bagwell arranges a meeting with Sucre and is captured by him and Franklin. The duo start torturing him to find the others. They take Burrows outside a hospital and Mahone covers for Tancredi to take the necessary tools, but is arrested by the FBI himself. The trio are captured by the Company operatives. Sucre and Franklin arrive and kill Krantz' men; Tancredi convinces Michael to spare Krantz' life and they lock him before leaving. They are attacked by Christina, whom Tancredi kills. Michael gives Scylla to Kellerman and the former, Burrows, Tancredi, Sucre, Franklin and Mahone are given immunity. Krantz and Bagwell are arrested, with Krantz receiving the death penalty. Four years later, the team visits Michael's grave, stating his apparent death.

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