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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 7

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S4 E7

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 7

Five the Hard Way

Bagwell offers Morgan to work together. Mahone advises Self to take the fight to the General instead of hiding; and Self makes the latter cancel the assault on him. The team realizes that Scuderi, the next cardholder, is currently in Las Vegas, while they are informed by Smith of Bagwell's whereabouts. Scofield, Mahone and Bellick stay to find Bagwell while the others travel to Vegas. Burrows tells Tancredi of Scofield's condition, which resembles to what killed their mother at that age. The card is successfully copied; but Glenn's indiscretion results in losing the device. Meanwhile, Scofield's team realizes that the call was a ruse by Bagwell; only Mahone manages to escape . Bagwell forces Scofield to reassemble the blueprint hidden in the papers of the book. Mahone finds the house by the GPS devices; but they are already gone as Morgan spotted the devices in time. Morgan kills Blauner as a caution. Scofield manages to complete the blueprint and leads Bagwell to an underground accessed by Bagwell's office in GATE. Mahone arrives and Bagwell is locked in a room. Scofield gets a call from Morgan, who hid herself the whole time.

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