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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 8

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S4 E8

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 8

The Price

Morgan makes a truce with Scofield, giving him the rest of the papers and Bagwell is released. They decide to work together to bring down the Company. Burrows suggests an attack on Krantz' car and taking the last card, which is approved. Glenn is cast out of the plan because of his indiscretion that resulted in losing the device. He offers the team's whereabouts to Mathewson in exchange for money and proves his validity by giving the team's plan away, resulting in Sucre being critically shot, whose wounds Tancredi tends to. Glenn goes to meet Mathewson, who shoots and tortures him to tell the team's location. Having followed Glenn by a tracker Scofield put in his laptop, the team arrives and abducts Mathewson, everyone apart from Michael leaves Glenn to succumb to his wounds. Meanwhile, Feng tries to kill Bagwell as he promised; but Morgan convinces him to give them more time. Bagwell instructs Smith to investigate the others. Tancredi reconciles with Morgan because of the team. Deducing that the attempt was for his card not his life, Krantz decides to transfer Scylla.

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