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Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 9

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S4 E9

Prison Break Season 4 Episode 9

Greatness Achieved

The team tortures Mathewson to make him tell Krantz that they are dead while preventing Mahone from taking his revenge until the deed is done. Tancredi is chosen to convince Mathewson; but she fails. It is revealed to be a plan to record his voice using different words and Self assembles those words, making a sentence stating the mission's accomplishment, which Self plays to Krantz on the phone; and he gets relieved and cancels the newspaper coverage he planned. Mahone tortures Mathewson until he agrees to express apology to Pam, after which he is killed. Meanwhile, White starts investigating Blauner's disappearance; but Bagwell solves the situation by manipulating the records, showing the illegal background in Blauner's career, making White to close the case in order to prevent the scandal. Morgan apparently reconciles with Krantz, revealed to have been involved with him before. She finds out about the transfer. The team finds a water pipe blocking their way and manages to get across it, but at the cost of Bellick's life.

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