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Stranger Things

Season 1 Episode 8

Runtime: 53 mins

Stranger Things S1 E8

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 8

Chapter 8: The Upside Down

Hopper, haunted by the death of his daughter Sara years earlier, gives up Eleven's location to Brenner, who in exchange allows Hopper and Joyce to enter the Upside Down to rescue Will. Back at the Byers house, Nancy and Jonathan cut their hands to attract the Demogorgon. Steve arrives just as the Demogorgon appears, intending to apologize to Jonathan about their fight. Steve, Nancy and Jonathan fight the Demogorgon and light it on fire, forcing it to retreat to the Upside Down. Meanwhile, Eleven and the boys are hiding in the middle school when Brenner and his agents arrive to kidnap Eleven; she kills most of them before collapsing from exhaustion. The Demogorgon appears and attacks Brenner, seemingly killing him. Hopper and Joyce find Will in the Upside Down, unconscious with a tendril down his throat, and revive him using CPR. The Demogorgon finds the kids and Eleven disintegrates it, but in doing so strands herself in the Upside Down. Will is hospitalized. One month later, Nancy is back together with Steve and both are friends with Jonathan. Hopper leaves food in a box in the woods. Will coughs up a slug-like creature and has a vision of the Upside Down but hides this from his family.

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