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Stranger Things

Season 3 Episode 4

Runtime: 52 mins

Stranger Things S3 E4

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 4

Chapter 4: The Sauna Test

Billy and Heather bind her parents and take them to the mill. Nancy and Jonathan are fired for harassing Mrs. Driscoll, whom their boss Tom Holloway claims to be a paranoid schizophrenic. Will reveals his connection to the Mind Flayer to Mike, Lucas, Eleven, and Max, speculating that the Mind Flayer still resides in the real world and has possessed Billy. Hopper recalls having previously seen Grigori meeting with the town's mayor, Larry Kline. Hopper and Joyce force Kline to reveal that Grigori works for the owners of Starcourt, who have been purchasing abandoned properties throughout Hawkins. Kline later alerts Grigori that Hopper and Joyce are planning to search the properties. At Starcourt, Dustin, Steve and Robin enlist Lucas' sister Erica to crawl through the airshaft and break into the loading dock, where they discover that it is an elevator. The elevator plunges deep below the mall with them trapped inside. Still suspicious, Nancy goes to visit Mrs. Driscoll at the hospital, while the kids trap Billy in the pool's sauna to confirm that he is possessed. Billy gains superhuman strength and breaks free and had a horrific fight with Eleven who throws him out of the room with her powers, while Nancy witnesses Mrs. Driscoll similarly transform. Billy regroups with Heather at the mill, where dozens of other townspeople have been possessed.

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