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Stranger Things

Season 3 Episode 8

Runtime: 77 mins

Stranger Things S3 E8

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 8

Chapter 8: The Battle of Starcourt

Eleven rids herself of a piece of the Mind Flayer that had been embedded in her wound as Hopper's group arrives. Plans are made to take Eleven to safety, while Hopper, Joyce, and Murray will shut off the machine, with Dustin and Erica navigating for them from his radio tower. Dustin enlists Suzie's help for a necessary code, Planck's constant. Billy and the Mind Flayer trap Eleven at the mall, and Billy seizes Eleven. While the others distract the Mind Flayer by attacking it with fireworks, Eleven is able to awaken Billy's mind from his memories, and Billy sacrifices himself to protect Eleven. Hopper fights with Grigori in the gate room as Joyce prepares to trigger the shutdown. Hopper kills Grigori by throwing him into the machine, causing it to go haywire and block his exit. Hopper nods at Joyce to trigger the shutdown, disintegrating everyone in the gate room, seemingly himself as well, and killing the nearby Mind Flayer. As Dr. Owens arrives with military forces, Eleven learns from Joyce's expression that Hopper is gone. Three months later, Joyce's family and a powerless Eleven prepare to move out of Hawkins. Mike and Eleven confess their love for each other and make plans to see each other at Thanksgiving. Joyce gives Hopper's written speech, that he was going to say during their heart-to-heart, to Eleven. In Kamchatka, Russian guards are instructed to feed a prisoner, but "not the American", to a captive Demogorgon.

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