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Stranger Things
Season 4 Episode 3

Runtime: 63 mins

Stranger Things S4 E3

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 3

Chapter 3: The Monster and the Superhero

Sam Owens is visited by the U.S. Army, who show him photos of Chrissy's death and believe Eleven to be responsible. Eleven is arrested by the police for assaulting Angela but is taken by Owens, who explains that Hawkins is in grave danger and reveals that he has been working on a program that may be able to bring back Eleven's powers. Eleven agrees to participate. Joyce and Murray fly to Alaska. Hopper bribes a fellow inmate to break his shackles using a sledgehammer. Nancy and Robin go to the library to look up information about Victor Creel, where they discover that Creel blamed his family's murders on a demon, which they believe to be Vecna. Jason, the basketball team captain and Chrissy's boyfriend, leads the team on a hunt for Eddie, believing him to have killed Chrissy; Lucas abandons them. Max recalls that Chrissy had visited the school counselor before being killed by Vecna. She steals Chrissy and Fred's files from the counselor's office and learns they suffered from PTSD symptoms similar to hers. Max then hears Vecna call her name and has a vision of a grandfather clock.

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