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Stranger Things
Season 4 Episode 4

Runtime: 79 mins

Stranger Things S4 E4

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4

Chapter 4: Dear Billy

Joyce and Murray deliver the ransom payment to Enzo's contact Yuri, but he drugs them, planning to turn them over to the Russians for a larger profit. Hopper escapes the prison camp but is soon recaptured. Jonathan, Mike, and Will prepare to sneak away from two agents left to watch them, but their house is attacked by armed soldiers. They escape with one of the injured agents with the help of Jonathan's friend Argyle. Nancy and Robin con their way into obtaining an interview with Victor Creel at the Pennhurst psychiatric institution. Creel recounts his family being tormented and killed by supernatural forces, while he was arrested for their deaths. Max, fearing Vecna is about to kill her, writes letters to her friends and family, and asks to be taken to the cemetery to read her letter to Billy by his gravestone. She is soon possessed by Vecna and finds herself at his altar in the Upside Down. Steve, Dustin and Lucas learn from Nancy and Robin that playing music can break Vecna's spell, and play Max's favorite song on a cassette tape. This creates a portal for Max to escape Vecna's control, saving her from death.

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