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Stranger Things
Season 4 Episode 5

Runtime: 77 mins

Stranger Things S4 E5

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 5

Chapter 5: The Nina Project

Owens takes Eleven to an abandoned ICBM silo in Nevada, where he and Dr. Brenner have developed a specialized isolation tank (dubbed "Nina") that allows Eleven to access memories of her time with other children at Hawkins Lab. Eleven attempts to escape and briefly regains her powers in the process, convincing her to continue with the experiment. In California, Owens' dying agent hands the boys a phone number to the Nina project that connects to a modem; Mike decides to enlist the aid of Dustin's girlfriend Suzie in Salt Lake City. Hopper is imprisoned alongside Dmitri ("Enzo"). While being flown to Russia, Joyce and Murray subdue Yuri and crash-land in the wilderness. Max, Lucas, Steve and Dustin regroup with Nancy and Robin and decide to investigate the Creel house; inside, they encounter flickering lights which they trace to Vecna's movements in the Upside Down. Jason and his fellow players locate Eddie, who tries to escape in a boat while Jason and his teammate Patrick swim after him. Vecna kills Patrick in front of Jason and Eddie, causing the lights in the Creel house to burst.

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