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Stranger Things
Season 4 Episode 6

Runtime: 75 mins

Stranger Things S4 E6

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 6

Chapter 6: The Dive

Eleven continues to recall her past, finding that she was ostracized by the other test subjects but a kindly nurse quietly watched over her. Even with his help, Eleven still becomes subject to ridicule by other test subjects, making her think she was still responsible for the lab massacre. Mike's group reach Suzie's home, and Suzie is able to locate the coordinates where the modem is located: the converted missile silo in Nevada. She joins the group as they head there. Hopper and the other prisoners are given a large feast, which Hopper warns them is designed to make them plump, weak prey for the demogorgon. He also instigates a fight with Dmitri as part of a ruse to pickpocket a guard’s lighter. He plans to use it conjunction with some alcohol to create fire in order to combat the Demogorgon. Joyce and Murray force Yuri to take them to a nearby town where he stores his goods, and they decide to have Murray pose as Yuri to make their way into the gulag. At a town meeting, Jason riles up the Hawkins residents by telling them that The Hellfire Club has brought satanic powers into the town. The townspeople leave to track the club members down. Steve and his group are contacted by Eddie, though on their way to his location, Dustin notices his compass going haywire. He theorises that there must be another portal nearby. Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie take a boat onto Lover’s Lake using the compass to locate the portal. Steve dives down to confirm the portal exists but he is grabbed by a tentacle and pulled into the Upside Down. Nancy, Robin and Eddie dive down after him.

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