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Stranger Things
Season 4 Episode 7

Runtime: 98 mins

Stranger Things S4 E7

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 7

Chapter 7: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab

Nancy, Robin and Eddie protect Steve before venturing deeper into the Upside Down. Murray, Joyce and Yuri bluff their way into the Kamchatka gulag, with Murray posing as Yuri. Meanwhile, Dustin, Lucas and Erica theorize that Vecna is the watergate's creator and that he has also created gates at each site where he has committed a murder. The three communicate this information to Steve, Nancy, Eddie and Robin in the Upside Down through a Lite-Brite. In Nevada, Eleven delves deeper into the memories of her early life at Hawkins lab, discovering that a kindly nurse planned to help her escape after he discovered that Dr Brenner was provoking the other experimental subjects into murdering her. In Kamchatka, Hopper, Dmitri and the rest of the small group of gulag prisoners are sent to fight the Demogorgon. Hopper holds the creature back with a flaming spear as Murray and Joyce open the doors to the Demogorgon’s pit by disabling the guards. Hopper and Dmitri escape before Joyce quickly closes the pit door. Joyce and Hopper reunite. Nancy, Steve, Robin and Eddie bike through the Upside Down to reach the trailer park and escape through the gate created in Eddie’s trailer by Chrissy's murder. After Robin and Eddie safely make their way out of the Upside Down, Nancy is put into a trance by Vecna and discovers who he truly is: Victor Creel's son, who was responsible for killing his mother and sister using psychokinetic powers before falling into a coma and being placed under the care of Dr. Brenner. Simultaneously, Eleven remembers the full details of the lab massacre. The true perpetrator was the kindly nurse, now revealed to be Victor Creel's son. He also reveals himself to be experimental subject number 001 before offering Eleven the opportunity to join him in a plot to take over the world and exterminate a large portion of humanity. Reacting with complete disgust, Eleven forces One into the Upside Down, where he becomes Vecna.

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