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Stranger Things

Season 2 Episode 7

Runtime: 45 mins

Stranger Things S2 E7

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7

Chapter 7: The Lost Sister

Eleven travels to Chicago, Illinois, and finds the other girl from Terry's memories, named Kali. Realizing they have similar tattoos and were both experimented on by Brenner, Eleven and Kali consider themselves sisters. Kali has the ability to project images into people's minds and lives among a street gang, who seek revenge on Brenner. Eleven reveals that Brenner is dead, so the gang decide to kill the man who tortured Terry instead. Kali helps Eleven to hone her abilities by demonstrating that channelling her anger is the key to strengthening her powers. After Eleven uses her powers to find the gang's target, named Ray, the gang travels to Ray's apartment to kill him. Eleven begins to choke Ray with her powers, leading to him to desperately claim that Brenner is still alive. Eleven refuses to kill Ray after seeing a photo of his two young daughters, who are discovered at that same moment to be contacting the police, and refuses to allow Kali to kill him. The gang flees to their hideout and Kali insists Eleven either stay and avenge her mother or return to Hawkins. Eleven has a vision of Mike and Hopper's plight at the lab and decides to return while Kali and her gang escape from the police.

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