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Stranger Things

Season 3 Episode 5

Runtime: 52 mins

Stranger Things S3 E5

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 5

Chapter 5: The Flayed

Hopper and Joyce search one of the abandoned properties, discovering a hidden laboratory. Grigori arrives to kill them, and they narrowly escape with a hostage – a Russian scientist named Alexei – in tow. Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica arrive in a Russian lab underneath Starcourt and hide from Russian soldiers unloading crates from the elevator. Attempting to find a communications room, the group discovers a large testing area where scientists are trying to force open a portal to the Upside Down. As Alexei does not speak English, Hopper and Joyce take him to Murray – the only Russian speaker they know – to translate. Grigori tries to follow them but loses the trail. Nancy and Jonathan regroup with Will, Mike, Lucas, Eleven, and Max and then theorize that Billy and Driscoll are both possessed by the Mind Flayer, who is using them to "flay" (possess) people to create an army. The group decide to visit Driscoll at the hospital to learn more but find her gone. They are attacked by Tom and Bruce who are now of the Flayed who, after Nancy and Jonathan kill them, dissolves into single organic mass resembling the Mind Flayer.

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