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The Jesus Rolls (2019)

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Runtime: 85 mins

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Plot Summary

Jesus Quintana is released from prison, warned by the warden that one more strike will get him locked up permanently. The warden also thanks him for winning bowling tournaments for the prison. His friend, Petey is waiting for him outside.


They go into town and look around. They find a classic muscle car and steal it. Quintana drives them to his mother's house. His mom is having sex with a man who Quintana kicks out. He gives her some money and they have dinner. Petey and Quintana return the car to where it was parked and the owner confronts them. He pulls a gun on them. His girlfriend, Marie recognizes Quintana. Petey runs away. The owner shoots Petey in the testicles and Quintana beats the owner up. Petey, Quintana, and Marie take off in the car. They exchange cars at a chop shop.


Quintana takes Petey to a doctor to get the bullet fragment extracted and learns it only pierced the scrotum. They rob the doctor. Marie stays behind and cuts the chop shop mechanic's hair. Petey and Quintana return and have the mechanic damage the muscle car's brakes and structural integrity. Petey, Quintana, and Marie take off in the other car.


They go to a store and buy some stuff and then go to a restaurant to eat. Petey and Quintana take off after seeing cops. They steal two bicycles and are chased by farmers. Marie leaves the restaurant and is chased for not paying the bill. Petey and Quintana steal another car, drive to train tracks, hop out, and board a train. They get off the train and watch a woman breast feed her infant in a train station.


Marie finds them there and angrily confronts them for deserting her. The three board another train. They find a house to stay at. Quintana washes Petey. Marie tells them that the owner of the car, Paul has sold it. Petey has sex with Marie while Quintana watches and cheers them on. Marie explains to them that she makes loves with everyone and has had sex with thousands.


They break into Paul's beauty salon and steal the money. Marie freaks out and attacks the other two. They tie her up and leave her at the salon. The two of them go bowling. Quintana dances with a woman at the bowling alley. She yells at him and leaves.


The two of them go to a woman's prison and pick up a recently released inmate, Jean. They take her to a store and she buys clothes. They go eat at a restaurant on the beach where Jean talks to the owner about her menstrual cycle. Then they head to a motel and Petey and Quintana have sex with Jean who then shoots and kills herself. The two of them flee and go to back to the house they were at earlier where Marie is waiting.


They discover that Jean has a son, Jack who is getting out of prison the next day. Petey and Quintana pick Jack up. The three of them go to a cabin in the woods where Marie is waiting and have breakfast. Jack has sex with Marie and Quintana and Petey go fishing.


The four of them go to rob someone Jack knows. Jack shoots the man, a corrections officer, who has nothing, and just continues to stand around outside while the other three take off. They steal another car and leave the city. At a gas station, Petey and Quintana read, in a newspaper, that they're wanted in the shooting of the officer. They steal a Smart car and eventually pull over for Marie to pee by a lake. At the side of the road is a muscle car that belongs to people who are on a boat on the lake. Quintana, Petey, and Marie steal the muscle car and leave the Smart behind. Later the car loses control as the foundation comes loose. The brakes are jammed and they crash, after which they realize it was Paul's car from earlier with a new paint and body job. It crashed because of the damage that was inflicted on it by them at the chop shop. They start to hitchhike.

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