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Alice in Borderland
Season 1 Episode 4


Runtime: 47 mins

Alice in Borderland S1 E4

Alice in Borderland
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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 4

While searching for food, Usagi runs into Arisu, who is filled with grief over the deaths of his friends. Deciding to work together, the pair visit their next game arena inside a bus, located within an underpass. With three other players, the pair find out that they have entered a "Four of Clubs" difficulty-level titled "Distance," in which they are told to "reach the goal." Deciding that the goal might be found at the end of the tunnel, Arisu, Usagi, and two other players decide to run to it, leaving behind a player with a sprained leg on the bus which works but has no diesel fuel. Halfway through their run, a large panther is released, killing one of the group. Near the end of the tunnel, Arisu finds a source of diesel in a motorbike and decides to return for the player who was left behind, only to find out that the bus had the word "GOAL" written on it, and that the rest of the group was running in the wrong direction. Usagi manages to make it back just in time and Usagi and Arisu survive along with the player with the sprained leg, who leaves after the game ends.

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