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Alice in Borderland
Season 1 Episode 2


Runtime: 50 mins

Alice in Borderland S1 E2

Alice in Borderland
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Season 1 (with English subtitles)

Season 1 (with English dubbing)

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Season 2 (with English dubbing)

Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 2

Stranded without electricity, internet, or a way to escape the abandoned city, Arisu and Karube decide to participate in another game to extend their visas, leaving Shibuki to tend to an injured Chōta. At another game arena located in an apartment complex, the pair meet a large group of players, including a mysterious woman named Usagi, a strong man named Aguni, and a sly, quiet player named Chishiya. Before beginning, Arisu learns the meaning of each card; Spades correlate to games of strength, Clubs are team battles, Diamonds are a battle of wits, and Hearts correlate to games of betrayal. The current game, a "Five of Spades" difficulty-level titled "Tag," follows the players hiding in the complex from a pair of brutal killers, as they try to find a room that contains a pair of buttons that will stop a bomb from exploding. In the end, several of the players manage to escape after Arisu, Chishiya, and Usagi work together to find the room, though Arisu later feels guilty when he witnesses the execution of one of the killers. In the process of leaving with Arisu, Karube finds a radio telling him to "Return to the Beach."

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