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Alice in Borderland
Season 1 Episode 6

Runtime: 41 mins

Alice in Borderland S1 E6

Alice in Borderland
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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 6

Needing to extend his visa, Hatter goes off to participate in a game, but his henchmen bring him back to the Beach dead, stating that he was shot in the chest while participating in a game. After learning about his death, Aguni is voted in as the new leader of the Beach, and is given Hatter's deck of cards. Meanwhile, Arisu teams up with Chishiya and Kuina to steal the deck, unaware that he has been set up by the pair, who were trying to find the deck themselves. As Arisu is tied-up in a room knowing that his visa expires at midnight, Chishiya and Kuina prepare to leave with the stolen deck, only for a wall of lasers to appear and stop them from doing so. Realizing that the Beach is, in fact, a game arena, everyone there runs to the hotel lobby, where they find they are about to participate in a game titled "Witch Hunt," with a difficulty-level illustrated by the "Ten of Hearts."

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