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Alice in Borderland
Season 1 Episode 8

Runtime: 52 mins

Alice in Borderland S1 E8

Alice in Borderland
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Alice in Borderland Season 1 Episode 8

In a flashback, Momoka wanders through the empty city with her friend Asahi, recording videos with a working phone. In the present, Arisu confronts Aguni, who tells the rest of the group that he is "the witch," but that his victim was not Momoka, but Hatter, his best friend who he shot in self-defense. Arisu concludes that Aguni is not actually the witch, but that it is Momoka, who had killed herself at the start of the game. As Aguni attempts to kill Niragi, who is still intent on murdering everyone present, the remaining players throw Momoka into the bonfire, winning the game. As the survivors leave the burning hotel, Chishiya collects the final card. The next day, Arisu and Usagi watch several videos recorded by Asahi, who had died during the game. In them, Asahi and Momoka reveal that they are "dealers," players who organize games to extend their visas. In one video, the pair visit an underground lair filled with "gamemasters." Arisu and Usagi manage to locate the lair, only finding a pile of executed "gamemasters," and Chishiya and Kuina, who have also discovered the base and the fact that the "gamemasters" were actually players. A woman named Mira appears, who introduces a new set of games to collect face cards.

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