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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 1

Runtime: 51 mins

Sex Education S2 E1

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 1

Otis, finally able to masturbate, becomes addicted and his mother catches him masturbating in the car. Fiona, rumoured to have spread chlamydia at school, seeks Otis's help. Taking pity when he sees Fiona slut-shamed by everyone, Otis realizes how much he has missed resolving people's sex issues. Maeve, working at a pretzel shop, runs into her mother, Erin, who hopes to resolve their issues as she overcomes addiction, but Maeve refuses to trust her. New French student Rahim is instantly popular. Ola tries to give Otis a hand job, but he is unable to get erect and worries he has broken his penis from masturbation. They walk into Jean and Jakob having sex, and the two parents finally confess to their relationship. A parent-teacher meeting about the chlamydia outbreak leads to the realization that better sex education is needed; Mr Groff reluctantly turns to Jean. Maeve quits her job and tries to rejoin school; Ms Sands comes to her rescue. Jackson, sick of his mother's pressure to excel in swimming, injures his hand on purpose. Maeve meets her new neighbors: wheelchair-bound Isaac and his brother Joe. The real culprit behind the chlamydia crisis is revealed. Otis and Maeve agree to reopen the clinic.

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