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Sex Education
Season 3 Episode 3

Runtime: 53 mins

Sex Education S3 E3

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 3

Jakob and Ola move into Jean's house, but friction develops between Otis and Ola. Aimee starts therapy with Jean. Hope puts Viv in charge of uniform compliance, which Cal resists. Jackson begins a friendship with Cal. Otis, Ruby, Eric, and Adam go on a double date. Eric is hurt when Adam describes him as just a friend to his mother and her new boyfriend. Ruby reluctantly takes Otis back to her home, where he meets her bedridden father, Roland, who smokes medical cannabis supplied by Jeffrey to ease his pain. Otis advises Jeffrey on helping Cynthia process her grief over the accidental death of their cat. With Isaac's help, Maeve improves her relationship with Erin. Otis and Ola reach an understanding about their living arrangements. Ruby calls Otis and tells him she loves him, but Otis cannot bring himself to say the same to her.

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