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Sex Education
Season 4 Episode 4

Runtime: 56 mins

Sex Education S4 E4

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 4

Michael goes on a date but has trouble performing. Jean's radio show is not good: she is distracted, overly clinical and boring. She asks Joanna for help with Joy, but Joanna is focused on her new boyfriend, Dan. Aimee and Otis accompany Maeve to see her mother in hospital. When Beau is reassured by Viv that Jackson and she are just friends, he asks her to be his girlfriend. Maeve meets Sean at the hospital, where they learn that their mother has died. Sean departs quickly, while Maeve remains. Waiting in the car, Otis counsels Aimee on her feelings for Isaac. Ruby keeps Otis's clients away from O while they have a live campaign debate. O is hired as a co-host to improve Jean's radio show. Eric helps out at a soup kitchen run by his church, and starts seeing biblical signs suggesting he be baptised. Michael gets advice from Jean and O on his love life, and realises he still loves Maureen; he goes to her house and they kiss passionately. Ruby continuously updates Otis on the campaign, but he ignores her. Maeve leaves the hospital, and stays at her foster mother's house with Aimee and Otis.

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