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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 4

Runtime: 51 mins

Sex Education S2 E4

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 4

Ola tells Otis she is ready to have sex, and he tries to prepare himself. Eric's conflicting emotions lead him to confront Adam, but he is ignored. At school, Otis confides in Eric about losing his virginity. Mr Groff sees his wife visiting Jean's sex clinic. Otis's father Remi arrives unexpectedly, and although he and Jean try to keep things professional, they end up kissing and almost have sex. Aimee, finding it difficult to get onto the bus again, starts walking everywhere. Otis bumps into Maeve on his way to Ola's, and ends up looking after her sister while she goes to her quiz competition. She finally confesses that she likes him; he angrily replies that that she should have told him sooner. Otis goes to Ola but is unable to have sex. Maeve has an altercation with Isaac and Joe. Adam shows up at Eric's; they hang out at a landfill site and smash objects together. Adam walks Eric home but, instead of leaving, stares at Eric until he finally kisses him. Adam goes to bed smiling. Rahim asks Eric if he wants to be his boyfriend. Ola forbids Otis from being friends with Maeve if she is to be his girlfriend.

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