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Sex Education
Season 4 Episode 8

Runtime: 85 mins

Sex Education S4 E8

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 8

Maeve returns to America; she and Otis agree to suspend contact. Aimee can't get intimate with Isaac. Otis berates Jean for encouraging Maeve to leave. O publicly apologises to Ruby. Michael apologises to Adam and joins his equestrian class. Adam accepts his parents' reconciliation; Jem dates him. Eric leaves his church which will not accept him. Jackson finds Jerome who rebuffs him; his mothers and Viv comfort him. Cal runs away, but is convinced they are valued by Eric and Jackson. Viv ends her abusive relationship with Beau. Aimee takes self-portraits wearing the jeans she was assaulted in, then destroys them. Ruby and Otis encourage voters to give O another chance. Ruby joins the Coven but finishes her friendship with Otis. On Jean's resumed radio show, Joanna talks about her assault; she decides to stay with Jean. Dan learns Joy is his daughter from Jean. Maeve is contacted by a publisher, and confronts Molloy about how his negativity affects students. Aimee and Isaac finally kiss. Otis and Eric resume their friendship. Otis makes up with Jean, and admits he is heartbroken by Maeve's departure. Otis finds a note Maeve left.

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