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Sex Education
Season 3 Episode 2

Runtime: 60 mins

Sex Education S3 E2

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

Adam puts off revealing his relationship with Eric to his mother. Ruby gives Otis a makeover, much to his annoyance. Jean and Jakob decide to co-parent Jean's unborn child, though Ola is uncomfortable. Hope implements new guidelines and cracks down on sexually suggestive content at the school. Viv volunteers herself and Jackson to paint over a graffitied wall, but Cal, a non-binary student, talks Jackson out of it. Mr Groff continues to struggle with unemployment; after overhearing his brother complaining, he moves in to Mr Hendricks's house. Jean and Jakob try couples therapy. Maeve asks Otis to arrange therapy sessions with Jean for Aimee, as she struggles to be intimate with Steve. Eric and Adam try to have sex, but Adam fails to communicate properly that he wants to be the bottom, leading Eric to believe he is not interested. Otis gives Adam advice on how to express himself more comfortably; Adam visits Eric and they spend the night together. Maeve has a confrontation with Erin, who refuses to speak to her, at Elsie's foster home. Maeve and Isaac kiss before he reveals he deleted Otis's voice message; Maeve feels betrayed and leaves. Hope demotes Jackson, makes Viv head girl, and mandates school uniforms.

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