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Sex Education
Season 4 Episode 5

Runtime: 55 mins

Sex Education S4 E5

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 5

Maeve and Sean arrange their mother's funeral. Joy's doctor is worried that Jean may have postnatal depression. Jackson resolves to discover his father but does not tell his mothers. Otis is guilty about sleeping with Ruby. In a debate, O accuses Otis of having views like his misogynist father, and several students reveal that O ghosted them. O reveals she is asexual and apologises for her behaviour. Jean's producer hires O as a permanent co-host. Aimee tells Maeve about Isaac but Maeve defers the conversation. Eric's church's soup kitchen loses its funding and Abbi pledges proceeds from the Cavendish fundraiser to the programme. Maeve and Otis date, but are joined by Joanna who has been stood up by Dan. Joanna and Maeve get drunk and have to leave the cinema. Aisha tells Cal she is in a polyamorous relationship, and they go on a date. Viv, Beau, and Jackson attend the cinema, where Beau is jealous of Viv and Jackson's closeness. Maeve and Otis trespass on the Moordale campus and start to have sex. They stop when Otis reveals his night with Ruby, and the police arrive. Jean is called to collect Otis, and meets Maeve for the first time.

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