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Sex Education
Season 4 Episode 3

Runtime: 56 mins

Sex Education S4 E3

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 3

In a flashback, eleven-year-old Ruby struggles to fit in with her peers and is bullied. After she wets the bed at summer camp, her new friend, Sarah, helps her clean up, but later tells everyone at the camp. Eric and Otis plan to attend a gay club night. Otis works on his therapist campaign at Ruby's house. Eric goes to Roman's house with the Coven. Adam has his first driving lesson with his father. Isaac helps Aimee with her art project, and the two nearly kiss. Viv invites classmate Beau to her house. Jackson gets his testicle lump checked and realises he has no medical knowledge about his sperm-donor father. Eric bonds with the Coven and tells Otis he need not go to the club night. Ruby tells Otis that O is Sarah, and they fall asleep together. Viv and Beau kiss. The Coven, Eric and Cal attend the club night: Eric takes ecstasy and hooks up with a boy from his church. Cal gets close to Aisha before finding they are in a relationship. Molloy harshly critiques Maeve's writing, and gives the internship to her roommate Ellen. Maeve is told her mother has overdosed; she returns home from America.

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