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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 7

Runtime: 49 mins

Sex Education S2 E7

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 7

Mr Groff puts up copies of Jean's notebook all around the school, resulting in chaos. Jean finds out about Otis's sex clinic. Ruby informs Otis that they had sex the night of the party, although Otis has no memory of it. They go to a pharmacy to buy her a morning-after pill. Jackson and his mother have a heart-to-heart and she accepts that he doesn't like swimming any more. Eric takes Rahim to his church, where Rahim reveals he's not religious. Jean asks Jakob to take her back, but he says he can't because she's not ready for the kind of intimacy he wants. Isaac tells Maeve that Erin is pretending to go to work and Maeve confronts her, warning that she will be kicked out if she lies again. In detention, Maeve, Olivia, Aimee, Ola, Lily, and Viv bond over shared experiences of unwanted sexual advances and they help Aimee go on the bus again. Ola and Lily begin dating.

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