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Sex Education
Season 4 Episode 7

Runtime: 60 mins

Sex Education S4 E7

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 7

In a flashback, Jean witnesses her mother's boyfriend abusing twelve-year-old Joanna. Jean quits her radio show after it is suspended. She offers Joanna money to repay her debts, but with conditions. Maeve and Otis arrange dinner with Jean. Jackson finds no record of him at Moordale sperm bank. Beau accuses Viv of flirting with another student and assaults her. A broken lift stops Otis, O and Isaac reaching an exam room; Isaac and Aimee activate the fire alarm to highlight campus accessibility issues. Adam flattens a fence driving the farm tractor. After fighting with Jean, Joanna leaves as Maeve arrives. Otis and O mend their relationship. Maeve and Jean talk; Maeve says Molloy's criticism is why she won't return. Adam expects to be dismissed from the farm, but isn't; he tells Michael that he thinks Michael hates him. Jackson finds a letter to his mother from someone he suspects is his father. Beau continues to pester Viv and Jackson comforts her. Maeve tells Otis she wants to return to America indefinitely; they confess their love for each other and have sex. Maeve tells Aimee and Isaac to pursue their feelings for each other; they scatter Maeve's mother's ashes together.

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