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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 5

Runtime: 53 mins

Sex Education S2 E5

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 5

Ola doubts her relationship with Otis when she fantasizes about Lily, and believes herself to be pansexual. Eric and Otis go on a hiking trip with Remi. Eric tells Otis about his interactions with Adam; Otis is unconvinced because of Adam's previous bullying. Eric replies that Otis is a hypocrite because of his situation with Ola and Maeve. Maeve accompanies her mother to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, but ends up leaving in anger. She bumps into Isaac and Joe; she learns that Isaac is an orphan who was kicked out of his foster home. Jean admits to Jakob that she kissed Remi and they break up. Mrs Groff asks Mr Groff for a divorce; he moves into the school. Otis realizes that Remi cheated on his partner and was using the trip to get away rather than spend time with him. Otis and Eric make up; Eric begins ignoring Adam, and asks Rahim to be his boyfriend. Ola breaks up with Otis; she kisses Lily, but Lily does not reciprocate.

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