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Sex Education
Season 4 Episode 2

Runtime: 52 mins

Sex Education S4 E2

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 2

Jackson is having a casual sexual relationship with Annabelle, who unexpectedly stimulates his prostate, causing him to question his sexuality. As his clinic struggles against O's popularity, Otis successfully counsels Roman and Abbi, and other students ask him for advice. O and Otis agree only one of their clinics can prosper and hold an election to decide which will remain. Jean is unable to deal with her new job and care for Joy, so Otis asks Jean's sister to assist. Otis become jealous of one of Maeve's classmates, unaware they are homosexual. Adam needs driving lessons for his apprenticeship, and overcomes his fear of horses. Eric attends a baptism information session at his church, but is unsure if he wants to proceed. Michael has dinner with Maureen and Adam, but inadvertently belittles Adam's apprenticeship. Annabelle mentions a lump on one of Jackson's testicles. Aimee makes up with Isaac. Maeve upsets Otis when she tells him a possible internship with her teacher could extend her absence indefinitely; they both decide they need some space. O's campaign video goes viral, so Otis enlists Ruby as his campaign manager. Michael apologises to Adam and offers to give him driving lessons, which he accepts.

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