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Sex Education
Season 4 Episode 6

Runtime: 66 mins

Sex Education S4 E6

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 6

Eric starts to have confusing dreams about God and being baptised. Having ignored Ruby since their night together, Otis contacts her but she quits as his campaign manager and leaves in tears. Aimee agrees not to date Isaac after Maeve tells her it would make her uncomfortable. Aisha and Cal hook up in a Cavendish toilet, but Cal gets upset when their period starts. Maeve and Aimee go to the funeral parlour, but Sean has not arrived with the flowers. Otis and Eric have an argument: Eric complains about Otis' selfish behaviour, but Otis refuses to respond. Maeve is surprised when many friends attend her mother's funeral, after Aimee secretly invited them. Sean arrives, gives a bitter and honest eulogy, and angrily leaves. Mr Hendricks plays Erin's favourite song on the piano. Otis and Eric agree that they need some time from each other. Maeve forgives Otis and decides not to return to America. Adam realises that his parents have been sleeping together without his knowledge. Jackson is cleared of cancer, but falls out with Viv when he mentions Beau's obsessive and controlling behaviour. Ruby posts a video of her bed-wetting incident.

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