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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 8

Runtime: 59 mins

Sex Education S2 E8

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 8

Jean tries unsuccessfully to talk to Otis about the sex clinic, and they continue to avoid one another. Jean finds out that she is pregnant. Maeve and the quiz team compete at the nationals. With help from Isaac and Joe, Maeve learns that her mother relapsed on drugs, and reports her to social services. Erin and Elsie are escorted out by police; Erin vows to Maeve that she will never forgive her. Otis and Remi have a frank conversation about Remi's absenteeism. The school puts on a sex-charged alien-themed musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Jackson plays the lead role; with some encouragement from Viv, he is able to get over his anxiety. Mr Groff tries to stop the musical and blames it on Jean's sex education, but Otis defends her. Adam bursts in and declares his feelings for Eric, who reciprocates; Rahim leaves heartbroken. Mr Groff is placed on leave by the school administrator. Otis leaves Maeve a voicemail apologizing for everything and admits he loves her, but Isaac deletes the message and sends Otis away when he shows up at her door.

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