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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 3

Runtime: 48 mins

Sex Education S2 E3

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 3

Olivia has sex with her boyfriend; while orgasming, she covers his face with a pillow. She seeks Otis's help because she thinks she has an ugly orgasm face. Adam is back and working at a corner shop. Aimee bakes a cake for Maeve's birthday, but on the bus to school, a man masturbates and ejaculates on her. She immediately gets off and walks instead. Though Aimee seems unbothered, Maeve convinces her to report the sexual assault to the police. Jackson, searching for a new hobby, tries out for the school play. Realizing he needs help to get the lead part, Jackson turns to his tutor Viv for help. Otis and Ola have an awkward family dinner at the Milburns' house, ending in an outburst from Otis. Rahim asks Eric on a date, which ends in a kiss and goes perfectly—except Rahim lives above the shop where Adam works; seeing Adam leaves Eric flustered. Aimee realizes the assault had a bigger impact on her than she thought. Erin arrives at Maeve's doorstep with her three-year old daughter, Elsie, after Erin's abusive boyfriend kicked her out. Maeve attempts to confess her feelings to Otis, but is unable to summon the courage.

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