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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 6

Runtime: 54 mins

Sex Education S2 E6

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 6

Otis helps Anwar to be intimate with his boyfriend. Lily avoids Ola. Otis invites a small group of friends to his house to prove to Eric and Ola that he can be relaxed, but it escalates into a full-on house party where he gives a drunken speech insulting Ola and Maeve. Adam confronts Eric about ignoring help and Eric tells him that he can't be drawn back to being ashamed of who he is, and that Rahim is proud to be with him whereas Adam is not. Still traumatized from her earlier experience on the bus, Aimee freaks out when Steve touches her and runs away. Meanwhile, Jean and Mrs Groff go out for a night of dancing; Mrs Groff says she feels more free without Mr Groff, and Jean realizes she misses Jakob. Jackson has his cast removed and his parents and friends are excited that he is able to swim again. Feeling overwhelmed, Jackson has a panic attack and confesses to Viv that he injured himself deliberately and she later tells his mothers. Groff finds Jean's notebook with notes about the students' and teachers' sexual problems, as well as his wife's, and begins to print copies.

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